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I am a life-long learner & today’s post is personal

Not too long ago, October 26th to be exact, I hit the ripe age of 30. In my mind, the age of 30-50 is just a prime age for amazing development, growth, and “success”.

2017 has been a massive build-up and preparation for future success. Even my best friend and I have titled our Slack group chat “2017 Is Our Year” and I’m immensely proud of both of us.

However, I’ve never considered myself successful. But the year of 2017 has had many milestones for me. Including:

  • Starting a Shopify store and failing.
  • Opening another Shopify store and succeeding.
  • Successfully selling said Shopify to a new owner.
  • Completing 1 semester at an international university. My first attempt ever to attend Uni.
  • Failing at 3 relationships only to find the woman of my dreams weeks before my 30th bday.
  • Starting this blog.
  • Interviewing someone for this blog (that’ll be up next week).
  • Improving my health through a series of wet and dry fasts.
  • Traveling to a new country (Hanoi, Vietnam).
  • Moving back to a city where I can truly grow (Beijing, China).
  • Visiting my family twice in the same year and one of those being this past Thanksgiving.
  • Owned a kitten for a week
  • Stopped asking my family for financial support when in need (this was a big habit of mine that was holding me back)
  • Studied Vietnamese.
  • Studying French – my first “Western” language. (I’m not counting Esperanto).

I’ve definitely done a lot. Yet, there’s still so much more out that that I want to accomplish and learn. These days I’m making a morning habit of writing, meditating, and now studying French. For my finances, I’m giving all of my income to my girlfriend to manage, pretty serious right? Haha 🙂

Through the thick and thin of it all. I can truly say that I am a life-long learner

Sadly, many people are not.
I can mostly see this in my family. Every time I go back to the states to visit it’s usually the same ol’ same ol’ or it’s even worse with more family bickering or more obesity.

I, at the very least, want to break that chain and ensure that the family that I eventually raise will also be passionate learners.

Today’s post is in fact inspired by these 5 days of studying French.
I can’t tell you how good it feels to be studying a new language. A language of which I’ve never studied before and I have no experience of beyond a couple of common words like “Oui”.

Also, it’s true, that I am learning French much FASTER than any other language before!

I’m sure you know why right?
…it’s because I’ve got the skill! I’ve spent the past 6 years studying languages, you damn right I know how to study a language. I can even dream of myself reaching C1 Level in French within 1 year. I have a tentative plan:

  1. Finish 90 days of Rosetta Stone French
  2. Fly through the Duolingo French course & theMimicMethod French in about 30-45 days.
  3. Then jump onto iTalki and study at least twice a week

…okay that’s all I got for now but I’m excited about this plan. It’s actually against the norm for me to wait so long before speaking to a native.

However, as I mentioned in the “Learning French Online in 90 Days with Rosetta Stone French” post, I’m truly determined to go through these 90 days with JUST Rosetta Stone and watching movies and TV shows in French with English subtitles
As you can see in this Instagram post

Watching American Movies in French

Watching American Movies in French

Enough small talk

Let’s get busy y’all and prepare for 2018!

God speed

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