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My 6 Favorite Language Learning Resources for Free!

In case you didn’t know. Here at Phil Learns A Language we have a nice little group of dedicated language learners who’ve taken the plunge to join the crew. What am I talking about? Our email list of course! Every Friday I send out a Friday Blast to kickstart our weekends into continuing our language […]

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Two Memory Hacks To Instantly Learn ANYTHING!

Two Memory Hacks: The Journey Method & The Rhyming Peg Method are simple and powerful! I go over exactly how I used these two methods and I even YouTube’d the experiences. Check it out and see how you can use them to learn your target language.

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How I Talked to Myself to Learn a Language

Talk to Yourself, You are your best friend, communicate with yourself! I know it may sound strange, but it’s true. I’ve improved and progressed in all of my language studies by talking to myself. You too can talk to yourself. Word of Caution: Talking to yourself may bring about unwanted stares from strangers 🙂 No, […]

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How To Learn A Language From TV

Learning a language from a TV show is completely natural As mentioned in my introduction, Korean was the first foreign language that attempted to learn after completing high school. In high school, I took 3 years of Spanish, but I wasn’t motivated and I didn’t have a why established. Consequently, I had no interest in […]

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Is Learning a Language is Really That Difficult? Or Can it be Simple?

First, let’s define the word difficult to mean *”requiring hard work; laborious; takes time to accomplish.” So, is learning a language difficult? Short Answer: Yes Truer & Longer Answer: Yes, maybe, if it’s your first time but it gets easier once you build the skill I am American, a native English speaker, and many people […]

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