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Learning French Online in 90 Days with Rosetta Stone FrenchTotal read time: 2 minutes

I have never used Rosetta Stone to learn a language before.

It’s about time I gave it a try.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take on a 90-day challenge to as learn as much French as possible within these ninety days.

Given my language learning experience, and keeping fingers crossed that Rosetta Stone actually works, I expect myself to reach a B1 Level on the CEFR Scale.

I will not spend any money besides the purchase of the 3-month subscription to Rosetta Stone which is at $49.99 at the time of writing this.

I may, however, supplement my language learning with a French TV show or Movie, or even jumping onto Memrise to practice vocabulary.

Any recommendations?

What is Rosetta Stone?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely know what Rosetta Stone is. Or, at the very least, heard of it right?

In my own words:
Rosetta Stone is a language learning software program. The newest version is “cloud-based” and now offers a subscription service versus the traditional pay-once CD-ROM/Download software program.

Rosetta Stone Features

I am actually quite excited to try their “Stories” and “TruACCENT” features.

The stories feature seems quite unique. It looks like I can read a story in French, trying to read it at a native pace with proper flow between words, while their software analyzes my speech.

This is pretty cool! Of course, I’ll be giving a full review of my Rosetta Stone French experience but in addition, I’ll keep a daily journal.

Challenge Starts Today. Monday, December 11th

Current French Level


Plain and simple I know nothing.

Okay, maybe not nothing. I know my “wi” for yes and “bonjour” for hello and I even know how to say “My name is Phillip” which is something like J’ ma pel Felip and that’s my sad attempt of spelling what that sentence sounds like.

Alright. Day 1 commences!
Keeping today’s post short so I can spend more time on Rosetta Stone.

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