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The Best Way to Approach The New Year: Past Year Reviews and Resolutions

Today is the last day of the week, the last day of the month, and the last day of the year 2017. It was a phenomenal year for myself. However, 2018 WILL absolutely be better. I will go over how I am approaching the new year, not with resolutions, but with a past year review and with the daily dozen.

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First Look: A One Week Review of Rosetta Stone French

I am one week into my 90 days of learning French with Rosetta Stone and I already have some great feedback to provide on whether this purchase was worth it. I’ll go over my learning schedule, the way Rosetta Stone teaches, my current French levels, and the numerous benefits I surpringsly and happily I’ve found.

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An Early Reflection of 2017 as a Life-Long Leaner and Linguaphile

After studying French for 5 days I am feeling super motivated and I want to pause and reflect on this year the 30 years I’ve had on this Earth. Furthermore, I hope we can all be life-long learners and prepare for 2018 by starting today!

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A Review of: Spanish in a Month. A Documentary by Connor Grooms.

Spanish in a Month – Learn Spanish Documentary by Connor Grooms spanishdocumentary.com I just finished watching this Very Good documentary made by Connor Grooms. In it, Grooms documents himself on his one month journey to learn Spanish to conversation fluency. There are a number of great points to point out about this film. Four Key […]

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