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Rosetta Stone French Review and Why I’m Adding Duolingo

Have you ever thought about using Rosetta Stone? Well, today I’m giving my one-month Rosetta Stone French Review and telling you why it’s good, but also why I have decided to supplement Rosetta Stone with Duolingo. In case you missed it, I am studying French with Rosetta Stone for 90 days. In fact, I broke […]

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Why Speaking Your Language is Vital

Hahahahaha did you watch that? In fact, I am a bit disappointed in how that turned out. I know A LOT MORE French than this video shows. However, this truly was my First Time Speaking French WITHOUT any script, rehearsing, tools, and aids. I thought about redoing the video. I thought about making a script. […]

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First Look: A One Week Review of Rosetta Stone French

I am one week into my 90 days of learning French with Rosetta Stone and I already have some great feedback to provide on whether this purchase was worth it. I’ll go over my learning schedule, the way Rosetta Stone teaches, my current French levels, and the numerous benefits I surpringsly and happily I’ve found.

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Learning French Online in 90 Days with Rosetta Stone French

Today, Monday December 11th, 2017, I am embarking on my first Rosetta Stone language challenge. I’m going all out for 90 days to learn as much French as I can. I expect to reach B1 level on the CEFR scale. Check out the details in today’s post! I’ll be keeping a daily journal and updating my progress.

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