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Two Memory Hacks To Instantly Learn ANYTHING!Total read time: 4 minutes

Hello everyone!

Before you run off into the weekend I’m super excited to bring to you:

Two Memory Hacks!

How to use the Peg & Journey Methods

I’ve used both of these memory hacks to Instantly improve my memory and to instantaneously learn new information.

In the past 2 days I’ve memorized:

This is all thanks to the book I’ve honestly just randomly picked up on my Kindle Unlimited subscription entitled:

UNLIMITED MEMORY: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive

Needless to say, I highly recommend this book!

Now let’s dive into the two Memory Hacks

The 1st Memory Hack is: The Rhyming Peg Method
Watch this video below:

The 2nd Memory Hack is: The Journey Method
Watch this video below:

Okay, let’s just quickly dissect what happened.
I’m not going to go in-depth with these, I’ll save that for another blog post, where I will combine my knowledge from Unlimited Memory, Fluent in 3 Months, Fluent Forever, and my own damn experience! (By the way, these are my Top 3 Book Recommendations for Learning a Foreign Language – another blog post waiting to happen haha)

Long story short, the formula for success in these Memory Hacks are as follows:



S – Senses
I used all 5 Senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste & touch; to really imagine every scenario and situation. To see the images in my mind’s eye. To relive past experiences and moments. Truly activating my creativity and imagination.

E – Exaggerate
I made things fun and silly and unrealistic! I really thought of that huge cow floating into heaven. I saw a baby tiger in my refrigerator. Etc.

E – Energize
I gave each situation an action. It wasn’t just a sheep in my mirror, it was a sheep that was talking to me. The stairs were not just a dragon, but it was a dragon eating a snake.


Long Term Memory + Short Term Memory = Medium Term Memory

In essence, what I did in both Memory Hacks, the Rhyming Peg Method, and the Journey Method, was associating a new Short Term Memory with an old Long-Term Memory and together they create a new strong Medium-Term Memory.

So in context that looks like this:


My Front Door
My front door is a long-term memory because I can honestly say I’ll forever remember what it looks like. In my mind’s eye, I can literally imagine and see myself walking up to the door and opening it. I can imagine and see it during the day and in the night. I can feel the cold handle. I can relive the experience of locking and unlocking it. Recalling the various moments of welcoming guests into my home is far too easy. A memory I just won’t forget.


shǔ (鼠) for mouse the 1st Chinese Zodiac
Shǔ is a short-term memory because it’s new information. It’s a foreign word that has a foreign pronunciation. In most cases, if someone was to randomly tell me a new word in a foreign language, I wouldn’t remember it not even a minute later. Let alone remember that it’s the 1st of the 12 animals in the Zodiac.

Together, the LTM – My Front Door and the STM – shǔ/rat combined to make my new MTM – shǔ is a rat and the 1st Chinese Zodiac animal..

We call this a medium-term memory and not a long-term memory because without recalling this new MTM to mind every so often, I will absolutely forget it.

Say for example if I never thought about this MTM for another 10 years. Do you think I’m really going to remember about this damn rat? Haha, hardly.

On the other hand, if I never thought about this MTM for another 10 days and then would I be able to recall it? YES!! At least there’s like a 0.001% Chance that I won’t remember it. (Yes, I made that percentage up :P)

I wanted to get this out there to show you guys ASAP!
Look forward to more videos on my YouTube Channel and to an Unlimited Memory book review, and down the line I’ll have a very in-depth Memory Hacking post 😉

God Speed

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