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Why Speaking Your Language is VitalTotal read time: 2 minutes

Hahahahaha did you watch that?

In fact, I am a bit disappointed in how that turned out. I know A LOT MORE French than this video shows. However, this truly was my First Time Speaking French WITHOUT any script, rehearsing, tools, and aids.

I thought about redoing the video.

I thought about making a script.

I thought that maybe this video will make me “look bad”.

But in the end, I said I fuck it. This is true and honest and makes a very good point:

If you want to be good at speaking a language, then you need to practice speaking that language.

Not reading.
Not writing.
Pure reading without any script or aid.

Actually, for the first time in my 6 years of language-learning, I now know how it feels to be BETTER at Reading & Writing than at Speaking.

Every other language I’ve ever studied, including Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, etc., I’ve always been better at speaking than at reading. I would read like a 3-year-old but speak like a 5-year-old. I know, not big improvement haha, however, when you’re a beginning language learner, a 3-year-old child’s and a 5-year-old child’s language ability are vastly different.

With that being said…

I am debating on whether I should buy Rosetta Stone’s Group Classes or Private Classes.

Rosetta Stone French Group and Private Classes Prices

Class Prices

Normally, I would just go straight to iTalki. However, this time I do think that a Rosetta Stone tutor would be better than iTalki mainly because they know the exact material that I’m studying.

Quick Rosetta Stone Update

I was totally unaware that I was MISSING Writing practice!

This is gold material right here. It’s something that I didn’t expect to get until I switched over to Duolingo after these 90 days.

Unfortunately, that writing practice is only available on a computer.

I will continue to do all 36 Lessons via the mobile phone app but then before moving onto the next unit, I’ll go ahead and finish up the few writing classes on a computer.

That’s all folks! Just a quick update!

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